As Instructor:

  • Summer 2018: History of Philosophy I: Pre-socratics - Augustine:
    This course is intended as an introduction to ancient Greek (and Roman) philosophy. The goal of the course is to (i) introduce students to central questions in ancient philosophy, (ii) introduce students to major questions in philosophy that continue to be of interest today, and (iii) develop general philosophical skills, such as how to analyze philosophical texts, how to reconstruct arguments, and how to discuss and criticize arguments. 
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  • Spring 2017The Potential and Actual Infinite:
    This course examines the concept of infinity throughout the history of western philosophy, looking at how the puzzles that surround the concept led to the construction and defense of many different philosophical positions on the infinite. In particular, we will examine how many different historical figures have attempted (in many different ways) to draw a distinction between what is potentially infinite and what is actually infinite, and further, how this distinction is used in attempts to solve puzzles of the infinite. We move chronologically, starting with Zeno and Aristotle, through the invention of calculi of infinitesimals, to the development of set theory, model theory, and modern mathematical logic. We will also use the tools we develop in our historical investigation to address modern discussions in philosophy about the infinite, such as the debates about supertasks and the limitations of computation. 
  • Summer 2016: History of Philosophy I: Pre-socratics - Augustine

As Teaching Assistant:

  • Fall 2016: Methods and Problems of Philosophical Thought with Katja Vogt (1 Lecture)
  • Spring 2016: Symbolic Logic with Achille Varzi (1 Recitation Section)
  • Fall 2015: Hist. of Phil. I: Pre-Socratics-Augustine with Wolfgang Mann (1 Discussion Section)
  • Spring 2015: Symbolic Logic with Achille Varzi (2 Recitation Sections)
  • Fall 2014:Hist. of Phil. I: Pre-Socratics-Augustine with Katja Vogt (2 Discussion Sections)
  • Spring 2014: Symbolic Logic with Tamar Lando (2 Recitations Sections, 1 Lecture)
  • Fall 2013: Symbolic Logic with Jeff Helzner (1 Recitation Section)